About Us

Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A is dedicated to offering to all travellers passing through the exit points of Greece the ultimate shopping experience. Starting out in 1979 with two sales outlets, it now operates 114 stores at 46 points (airports, border and ports) across Greece. Furthemore, its subsidiary, Hellenic Distributions S.A. is operates in the in ship chandling and duty free goods wholesaling sector. Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A. is a member of Dufry AG, a global travel retailer with operations in 64 countries, 380 locations. Dufry is present in around 2,200 shops located at airports, cruise liners, seaports, and other tourist locations.

We provide world-class one-stop shopping for travellers worldwide, bringing to you the latest luxury brand items from more than 1,000 suppliers at value prices in a convenient location. Our unparalleled selection of premium local and global brands range from everyday cosmetics and confectionery to fine wine and local food, fragrances, rare whiskies, authentic Greek souvenirs and high-end fashion straight off the catwalk.

Our customers rely on the professional services of close to 29,000 Dufry employees. In-store and after-sales Customer Service Team are also here to ensure you enjoy your shopping experience. For more information about the group and where you will find us around the world, please visit our corporate website www.dufry.com.

Mission & Values

Our mission is business excellence and growth by being establised the top shopping destination in travellers’ mind and by setting travel retail standards with our high quality products and services offered at value-based prices. This allows us to create and return value to our customers, our people, our shareholders, our associates and the local societies where we operate, enhancing the sustainability of our operation.

Our vision is to stand out as a global benchmark within Dufry Group and travel retail, worldwide, for the quality level of services and satisfaction we offer to our customers, and for constantly improving our performance vis-à-vis our shareholders.

Hellenic Duty Free Shops 's values reflect in its daily business:

Traveller For us travellers are the focal point of all our efforts. We believe in excellent customer service and to offer you the best products at competitive prices within a modern, friendly and attractive environment. For us, all travellers are special and our main concern is to fully satisfy you.

Quality We strive towards ensuring the quality of all the products and services we offer.

Innovation We relentlessly pursue innovation in order to offer you the most enjoyable shopping experience, before, during and after your purchases from our shops. We improve our performance by developing new business activities.

Effectiveness We pursue excellence within Dufry Group and travel retail worldwide, by achieving the objectives set and by executing all the endeavors undertaken, not missing out on quality. We are constantly seeking new ways for more efficient management and reduction of our overheads. Our objective is to develop our financial figures and to be worthy of our shareholders’ trust by maximizing their return of investment.

Growth Growth and development is not simply a means of survival but lies at the very heart of doing business and is something to be pursued irrespective of the surrounding circumstances. Consequently, development and growth are both the present and the future for Hellenic Duty Free Shops.

Local Communities Our basic expectation is our development at the exit points of Greece. By growing our business activity in these areas, we aim to enhance the axis of local society and economy, acknowledging their contribution to the diversification of our product.

Our People We rely on our human resources and always act with understanding and respect to their needs. We believe in meritocracy, providing our people with constant training and development opportunities. We offer them a positive working environment that promotes teamwork and open communication.

Awards & Distinctions Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A. is ranked in 7th place among ""The World's Top 50 Giant Operators, 2010"", based on Generation Research. In 2008, it was presented with the «Export Activity 2007» award by the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It has also received the distinction «THE BEST NEW BEAUTY STORE» for its Perfumes & Cosmetics Shop in the Intra Schengen area at Athens International Airport by the Duty Free News International Product Award 2010. The CEO of Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A. has been awarded Business True Leader 2011 and 2015 by ICAP Group while the company has been recognised as a Superbrand winner in the “Supermarkets-Malls” category of 2016 Corporate Superbrands Awards, Greece.

Corporate Social Responsibility Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A. has incorporated to its business strategy the principle of sustainable development. Therefore, it has established a social and environmental responsibility policy, having as a goal the mutual sustainable development of the company and the local communities where it operates. In 2014, it supplied fuel to heat 14 schools in the northern areas of Greece. Furthemore, It sponsors a variety of annual events that take place in areas that operates and supports Hellenic Red Cross and Special Olympics Hellas by organizing fund raising activities. 

The company is focusing not only on social responsibility issues but also on its human resources. The company provides a positive working environment by ensuring meritocracy and open communication and by investing a significant budget into its people constant training and development. The company runs an integrated enterprise resource recycling system.

Enviromental Policy Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A. places the environmental protection among its basic priorities in response to the societal global tendency for achievement of sustainable development.This Environmental Policy Statement defines our commitment to achieving effective environmental management. Operating our businesses in line with this approach will lead to better risk management, cost savings, innovation and a performance within the business that drives shareholder returns and meets our obligations to the communities in which we operate. We commit ourselves to the following basic principles:

  • Environmental protection, including prevention of pollution caused by organization’s activities and products, and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity,
  • Comply with environmental obligations and requirements to which the organization subscribes, including laws, regulations, and mandated local authority requirements that apply in the markets in which we operate, and
  • Continual improvement of our environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

 Wherever possible, we will integrate environmental policy into our everyday business activities. Our environmental objectives include:

  • Reduce the consumption of energy by utilizing equipment and devices which consume the minimum amount of power,
  • Enhance sustainable growth by purchasing sustainable products, services and materials, where practical,
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, by minimizing all vehicle journeys wherever possible; utilize the most energy efficient vehicles, alongside public transport,
  • Reduce landfill waste, by seeking opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover resources if at all possible.

To achieve our objectives and commitments we have adopted the principles of ISO 14001 through the implementation of an Environmental Management System.

We have a strong governance system in place and will take the appropriate steps to implement and review this Policy Statement. It is considered to be the responsibility of all our employees to adhere to this policy. Training and awareness be given on the impact of our business on the environment. This policy also applies to our suppliers, contractors and partners. We will solicit their input in meeting our environmental objectives and in turn will offer assistance in meeting our objectives and commitments.